Brand Analytics (Client Confidential)

Brand Analytics

Leveraging Brand Analytics to Drive Brand Consideration



A $5 Billion health System wanted to better understand the brand attributes that drove a patient’s choice of care providers.

The Health System periodically tracked over 50 attributes for itself and key competitors in 6 markets. However, the data was unstructured and difficult to work with.

The client wanted to use brand tracking to:

  • inform ad messaging and patient experience design.
  • identify opportunities to streamline brand tracking efforts.
  • support agile decision-making/ voice of customer analysis going forward.

Identified Needs

Need to determine which brand attributes best predict a patient’s provider preferences using multivariate correlation analysis.

Transform raw data into a usable data mart to support robust analysis.

Understand how the attributes are related and identify more prominent themes at play.

Evaluate the Client’s competitive position, by market, with respect to critical attributes and themes.


Modeled relationships between brand attributes to identify holistic themes that were driving brand preferences. (e.g. Trust, Innovation, etc.)

Developed logic structure, based on survey designs, and created a usable data mart for analysis.

Analyzed data to determine which attributes and themes drove brand preferences by market.

Analyzed the competitive position with respect to most important themes and attributes by market.

Quantified the impact of patient experiences on brand preference and brand perceptions


Identified high impact themes and attributes, by market, to inform localized brand development.

The data mart supported current analysis and future analysis.

The larger themes provided greater context and creative freedom to design better messaging and experiences.

Identified competitors’ strengths & weaknesses with respect to Novant Health. Provided brand positioning guidance to drive greater consideration, by market.

Made the case for greater coordination between experience and marketing to drive brand authenticity.

Great brand analytics goes beyond tracking brand recognition and consideration. It should deepen understanding of local markets, the competitive landscape and what is required to be a market leader.

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