Unraveling Brand Insights In Healthcare

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Leveraging Brand Analytics to Drive Brand Consideration


The Challenge

In the competitive healthcare landscape, a multi-billion-dollar health system grappled with deciphering the key factors behind patients' choice of care providers. Despite meticulously tracking 50+ brand attributes across six markets, data chaos reigned, hindering strategic insights.

Quantum Sight was hired to harness brand tracking data to:

+ Hyper-focus ad messaging and elevate patient experience design.

+ Streamline brand tracking data for efficiency and greater insights.

+ Empower agile decision-making and amplify the voice of the patient.


Our mission: Unravel the complexity of their current brand tracking data and transform it into actionable intelligence, paving the way for innovation and excellence in marketing. Armed with better brand insights, the health system aimed to not only drive higher brand consideration in their markets but also redefine and champion patient-centricity in an ever-evolving industry.


Identified Project Needs

To unlock the power of brand insights, Quantum Sight embarked on a mission to unveil the driving forces behind patients' provider preferences through advanced multivariate analysis.

We began by transforming raw data into a dynamic data mart, laying the foundation for comprehensive analysis and actionable insights.

Delving deep into the data, Quantum Sight sought to unravel the intricate relationships between brand attributes, uncovering hidden connections and unveiling prominent themes shaping patient perceptions.

With a keen eye on market dynamics, we meticulously evaluated the client’s competitive stance, dissecting critical attributes and themes to illuminate strengths, weaknesses, and strategic opportunities in each market battleground.

Activities & Action

Crafted a comprehensive model linking key brand attributes—such as Trust and Innovation—to overarching themes, illuminating the core drivers behind consumer brand preferences.

  1. Architected Analytical Framework:

Engineered a robust logic structure tailored to intricate survey data, resulting in the creation of a dynamic data mart optimized for deep-dive analytical tasks.

  1. Strategic Data Analysis:

Conducted sophisticated analyses to pinpoint specific attributes and themes that significantly influence brand preferences across various markets, providing actionable insights for strategic positioning.

  1. Competitive Landscape Evaluation:

Meticulously assessed the client’s competitive stance in critical markets, focusing on the most influential themes and attributes, which enabled targeted strategies to enhance market share and consumer perception.

  1. Impact Assessment of Patient Experiences:

Quantified the profound impact of patient experiences on brand preference and perceptions, providing a data-driven foundation for enhancing customer engagement and loyalty strategies.


Successfully pinpointed high-impact themes and attributes specific to each market, providing a tailored blueprint for localized brand development strategies that resonate more deeply with regional audiences.

  1. Future-Ready Analytical Platform:
    • Established a versatile data mart that not only bolstered current analytical capabilities but also set the stage for ongoing, advanced analysis, ensuring a continuous improvement in data-driven decision-making.
  2. Enhanced Creative Strategy:
    • The identification of larger, impactful themes enabled the creation of more resonant messaging and immersive experiences, offering creative teams the insights needed to innovate and connect more effectively with the target audience.
  3. Competitive Positioning and Market Strategy:
    • Mapped out competitors’ strengths and weaknesses relative to the Client’s, delivering strategic brand positioning recommendations that heightened market consideration and leveraged local consumer insights for competitive advantage.
  4. Integrated Brand Experience:
    • Advocated for increased synergy between customer experience and marketing efforts, making a compelling case for the integration as a means to enhance brand authenticity and foster deeper consumer trust and loyalty.

Great brand analytics goes beyond tracking brand recognition and consideration. It should deepen one's understanding of local markets, the competitive landscape, and what it takes to be a market leader.

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