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Designing a Better Team Member Experience at Novant Health

Novant Health

Novant Health, a $4.5B health care provider with over 500 locations and 26,000 employees wanted to design its team member experience to increase employee retention, lower hiring costs and improve patient experience.

In an industry with high attrition costs, a compelling team member experience would have substantial financial benefits.

With tight budgets, the right solutions needed to be easy to manage, cost effective and have immediate impacts.

Identified Needs

Needed to understand who is dissatisfied and who is satisfied.

Needed to understand the primary drivers of dissatisfaction and satisfaction.

Needed to understand the financial impacts of dissatisfaction and satisfaction.

Needed to prioritize team member pain points to be addressed.


Analyzed attrition data, employer review sites (such as glassdoor) and team member survey data to identify areas of significant opportunities.

Conducted interviews and survey analysis to inspect further into opportunity areas.

Generated data driven team member personas and related experience maps.

Provided financial impacts by segment.


Data “listening” identified attrition trends and common dissatisfaction factors, forming the foundational knowledge for our engagement.

Leveraged interviews and questionnaire to build empathetic understanding on top of the foundational knowledge.

Data driven personas provided demographic, psychographic and behavioral profiles to prioritize pain points and drive solutions.

Identified 2 key segments representing 70% of attrition related costs for priority solution development.

Not all problems are opportunities. A worthy opportunity is identified by leveraging behavioral dataand human empathy so its realvalue can be assigned and efforts prioritized.Combining data and insights with prioritization is fundamental to smarter strategy.

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