Employee Experience: Data Meets Human Empathy

Novant Health

Designing a Better Team Member Experience at Novant Health

Novant Health

Our Challenge

Novant Health, a prominent $4.5B healthcare provider with over 500 locations and 26,000 team members, faced significant challenges in employee retention amidst an industry characterized by high turnover costs.

The goal was to analyze the team member experience with a focus on not only enhanced retention and patient satisfaction but also lowered recruitment expenses.

Given the financial constraints typical of the healthcare sector, the eventual solutions needed to be both cost-effective and swiftly impactful.

Identified Needs

Needed to complete a comprehensive analysis to gauge both dissatisfaction and satisfaction among team members accurately.

Driver Identification: To pinpoint primary factors influencing employee morale and engagement.

Financial Evaluation: To assess the economic impacts linked to employee satisfaction levels.

Prioritization of Issues: To identify and focus on critical pain points affecting team members.


Our first step was 'data listening'. We merged data from attrition statistics, employer review platforms like Glassdoor, and internal survey data to spotlight significant improvement opportunities and project focus areas.

Step 2: In-Depth Employee Insights- Conducted detailed interviews and further analyzed surveys to deepen our understanding of identified opportunity areas.

Step 3: Persona Development- Created detailed, data-driven team member personas and corresponding experience maps to tailor solutions effectively.

Step 4: Economic Impact Assessment- Evaluated and quantified the financial consequences of employee dissatisfaction and satisfaction by segment.


Our 'data listening' process unearthed key trends in attrition and widespread dissatisfaction factors, laying a solid foundation for strategic engagement & planning.

Empathetic Engagement: Utilized detailed interviews and surveys to build a deep, empathetic understanding of team member experiences, enhancing the foundational data.

Strategic Focus: The development of data-driven personas enabled the prioritization of significant pain points and informed solution development strategies, ensuring resources were concentrated where most needed.

Targeted Solution Development: Identified two critical segments that accounted for 70% of attrition-related costs, focusing efforts on designing targeted interventions to tackle these high-impact areas.

Not every organizational problem presents a genuine opportunity. True opportunities emerge when we harness the power of behavioral data intertwined with deep human empathy. This allows us to discern the intrinsic value of a problem and strategically prioritize interventions. This fusion of empirical data and nuanced understanding is essential for crafting intelligent, forward-thinking strategies that address immediate issues and set the stage for long-term success.

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