Journey to Eye Popping ROI

Guardian Life- Group Dental

Revealed: Guardian's journey to 10X improvements in sales attribution and ROI.


Guardian’s Group and Worksite Marketing Team developed stellar digital content to showcase their Group Dental program. Despite the quality of their offerings, the team faced challenges in fully quantifying and enhancing the impact of their content within.......

a complex B2B2B2C sales model that involved sales teams, brokers, benefits managers, and, ultimately, the employees.

The dominant sales conversion pathway (sales agents), which often skirted the company’s website, made sales attribution and quantifying marketing’s online influence on offline sales particularly difficult.

Identified Needs

To optimize content delivery tailored to distinct segments and buying stages, Guardian needed an innovative approach to:

Track and enhance the effectiveness of online content and audience targeting.

Establish a comprehensive measurement system that could accurately evaluate the influence of both online and offline marketing efforts on sales and profitability.


Customized web experiences were developed for three key market segments, reflecting different stages in the purchasing journey.

Collaborated with a creative agency to refine brand content, fostering interactive and engaging two-way communication with the audience.

Advanced data analytics were employed to deepen understanding of content interaction and effectiveness.

Halo and channel attribution models were created to assess the impacts of online and offline marketing strategies, revealing a tenfold increase in sales directly attributable to marketing efforts.

A dynamic metrics and continuous improvement program were set up to monitor and enhance marketing performance consistently.


Enhanced content personalization and more precise identification of customer sales disposition.

Significant improvements in data capture on user interaction and content effectiveness.

A dramatic 10X increase in total sales directly linked to marketing activities.

Over 200% improvement in campaign key performance indicators (KPIs), including increases in mailing list signups and quote requests.

Defensible and credible positive ROI estimates were shared with the CFO and other senior leaders.

The journey to marketing excellence is paved with strategic content relevancy, precise audience targeting, engaging two-way dialogues, and a robust data-driven approach to continuous improvement. Guardian’s experience underscores the critical role of integrating these elements to transform marketing strategies into significant business results and positive ROI.

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