Marketing- Finance Divide

Bridging the Marketing - Finance Divide

The Challenge We Address

Despite marketing analytics and technology advancements, many businesses struggle to measure marketing ROI. Furthermore, marketing, growth, and CX leaders face increasing pressure from CFOs to report and enhance marketing ROI accurately.

The core issue with marketing ROI is straightforward yet complex to address. Many marketing executives excel at driving results but falter when it comes to marketing their achievements internally. For most marketing departments, two significant hurdles obstruct the effective internal promotion and the development of ROI measures that resonate with CFOs and CEOs:

Getting to the metrics that matter to the CFO & CEO.

Quantifying the "intangible and unmeasurable".

Relevant Work

Fortune 50 Health Payor

Engagement Summary: Enhance the efficacy of targeting models and improve marketing ROI through advanced analytics and customer experience prioritization.

Boosting Targeting Models Efficiency by 20%

Leveraged sophisticated machine learning algorithms and enriched data sets to refine targeting models. This led to a significant 20% improvement in targeting accuracy, enabling more precise outreach and higher conversion rates.

Maximizing Marketing ROI through Indirect Sales Channels

Conducted a comprehensive analysis to uncover the 1.7X impact of direct marketing spend on indirect sales channels. This insight allowed for strategic reallocation of marketing budgets, resulting in a substantial improvement in overall marketing ROI.

Prioritizing Customer Experience (CX) Touchpoints for Enhanced Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Employed advanced analytics to identify and prioritize the CX touchpoints with the highest impact on customer satisfaction. This approach not only boosted CSAT scores but also fostered greater customer loyalty and retention.

Fortune 100 Workplace Benefits Provider

Engagement Summary: Enhance sales attribution accuracy and improve online user experience to drive marketing performance.

Revolutionizing Sales Attribution with a 10X Improvement

Developed an innovative analytical measurement framework that dramatically enhanced sales attribution accuracy by tenfold. This breakthrough allowed for more precise tracking of sales drivers and better-informed decision-making.

Transforming Online Experience for 3X Marketing KPI Improvement

Undertook a comprehensive redesign of the online user experience, focusing on user-centric design principles and seamless navigation. This revamp led to a threefold improvement in key marketing performance indicators, such as conversion rates and user engagement.

$5 Billion Health System

Engagement Summary: Optimize brand tracking data and leverage brand metrics to refine advertising and elevate patient experience.

Streamlining Brand Tracking for Enhanced Insights and Efficiency

Implemented advanced data management techniques to streamline brand tracking processes. This optimization resulted in more efficient data handling and deeper insights into brand performance and consideration drivers.

Hyper-Focusing Ad Messaging through Brand Metrics

Utilized detailed brand metrics to fine-tune ad messaging, ensuring it resonates more effectively with the target audience. This hyper-focused approach not only improved ad performance but also significantly elevated the overall patient experience.

Each of these projects demonstrates our commitment to delivering measurable, impactful results through the use of advanced analytics, strategic insights, and user-centric design. By tailoring our solutions to the unique needs of our clients, we help them achieve substantial improvements in their key performance metrics and overall business outcomes.

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